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We need your help to fulfill our joint mission of preserving jazz and expanding its universal impact for our entire community. This is your opportunity to “feel the music” in your life with your generous donation to Healdsburg Jazz. Your direct, tax-deductible donation can be made with a credit card here.

Qualified Charitable Distributions Can Offer Simple Tax Advantages

In addition to making a donation by credit card, if you are age 70 1/2 or older and considering donating to Healdsburg Jazz, you may want to use an annual donation option referred to as a qualified charitable distribution (QCD).

A QCD is a donation made to the eligible cause of your choice directly from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). The great news is, requesting a QCD from your IRA keeps the money from being considered regular income when you file your taxes. The funds are instead donated directly to Healdsburg Jazz (up to a limit of $100,000 in a calendar year per account owner) for a “two-birds-one-stone” win: satisfying your RMD requirement (for those age 72 and older), and keeping the funds tax-free.

Most types of IRAs qualify for the QCD option, and your IRA provider is a good resource to answer questions about the required steps to send your distribution to Healdsburg Jazz—you’ll need to work with your provider directly to coordinate. As with any decision related to your tax strategy, it is important to pay close attention to the IRS rules to ensure the options and benefits meet your goals.

To learn more about other ways to make the joy of music a part of your long-term legacy, follow this link.