Our initiative is dedicated to enriching the educational experience in schools and classrooms by introducing music and jazz educational programming. We believe in the transformative power of music education, and our goal is to bring this enrichment directly into students’ learning environments. We recognize the importance of connecting educational initiatives with our year-round adult and festival programming.

This integration allows for a seamless flow of musical education from the classroom to broader community events, fostering a holistic and continuous learning experience. Importantly, our commitment extends beyond the confines of formal education as we prioritize serving our community. We aim to deepen community ties by offering free and accessible performances and educational programs to the public.

By making these resources widely available, we aspire to contribute to the cultural vibrancy of our community and make the joy of music and jazz education accessible to all.

Community Programs

School Programs

Family Matinee Concerts

Bay Area Artists and Bands present music and educational material for families and community members. Generally held at The Raven Theatre for Black History Month in February and Charles Schultz Museum in the Fall.

Black History Month

In honor of Black History and Music, Each February a Solo Teaching Artists Leads a presentation with music and narrative, about how the Jazz and the music they play connects to African American culture.

Educational Talks/Listening Sessions

Educational talks led by Jazz historians and educators providing historical context and information on the jazz music we love but don’t always know the context/history behind. Usually hosted at and in collaboration with the Healdsburg library.

Harlem of the West Assemblies

Harlem of the West Players, a band of artists which consist of a trio of musicians, a dancer, and a poet, bring to life the vibrant history and culture that existed in the Fillmore district of San Francisco in the 1940s and 1950s.

Freedom Jazz Choir

Free Community Choir led by Tiffany Austin
Rehearsing monthly throughout the Spring months, and performing during the festival.

Healdsburg High School After School Jazz Band

Led in 2023 and 2024 by Rob Sudduth and John Natelli (High school and Jr. High school Music Teacher). This spring Semester After school Jazz Band is held for 16 sessions culminating in a final performance.

Juneteenth Educational Tent

Educational  Area designated in the Healdsburg Plaza during the annual Juneteenth Celebration as part of the festival. Includes: posters on the history of Juneteenth, activities for children and families and percussion workshops led throughout the day.

Healdsburg Jazz Future All Stars Band

Healdsburg Jazz Selects some of the best High school and College Age musicians from the Sonoma County/ North Bay Area to perform in the Festival as our Healdsburg Jazz Future All Stars Band, with gig opportunities coming up throughout the Healdsburg Jazz year of programming.

North Star Performing Arts Camp

Music and performing arts workshops held in a daylong intensive where students work with acclaimed teaching artists in music, visual art, theatre, poetry, and dance and come together at the end of the day to perform a work created that day in a showcase performance.