A legacy for more than 20 years, and into the future.

When Dennis and Kate Abbe moved to Healdsburg they were looking for a change from their Silicon Valley days where Dennis had a successful career as a software developer with Microsoft. Fun fact: If you’ve ever attended a business presentation in corporate America, you’ve likely witnessed the functional magic of one of Dennis’s major software projects—Microsoft PowerPoint!

Dennis and Kate bought a home in Dry Creek Valley with a small hobby vineyard in 1998. It wasn’t long before they discovered the charm of live music in Healdsburg, including the Healdsburg Jazz Festival in 1999, which was just beginning at the time. After meeting the festival founder, Jessica Felix, Dennis quickly became more involved as a volunteer, and before he knew it, he raised his hand to take the lead on festival ticket sales. Dennis shared memories of festival tickets becoming so in demand in the days before web sales that he was fielding calls from ticket buyers from among the vines at their home to ensure availability.

Dennis is a music lover and audiophile who has made an indelible mark on Healdsburg Jazz and collected unforgettable memories along the way, including the festival highlight of Charlie Haden performing with Ravi Coltrane and Geri Allen at The Raven in 2007 and volunteer celebration parties with the musicians over the years. Dennis also had a big hand in helping Healdsburg Jazz to grow into the organization it is today by taking on progressive responsibilities through the years.

What started as a volunteer opportunity expanded into more formal service when Dennis took on the role as Treasurer for the Healdsburg Jazz Festival and served on the Board of Directors to help steer the organization. Now, after more than two decades, Dennis and Kate continue to actively support the organization through regular donations, and they recently made the impactful decision to include Healdsburg Jazz as part of their estate plan. The Abbes decided to include a generous percentage of assets from their trust as a general gift to Healdsburg Jazz to support the future of the organization, which Dennis hopes could one day help to realize the vision of a permanent location for Healdsburg Jazz performances in Healdsburg.

We are so grateful for the gifts of ongoing support, volunteer work, Board service, and valuable advice the Abbes continue to lend to Healdsburg Jazz. Considering their history with the organization, Dennis and Kate Abbe are leaving not only funding for the future, but a beautiful legacy along with it.